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Kobayashi Bldg. #301 3-38-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6435-5492


Lighting Designer / Lighting Consultant / CEO
Associate IALD

He was born in 1980, Kanagawa Japan, grew up in Hawaii and loves New York.
He earned bachelors degree from Tokai University in the field of Architectural engineering.
His scope of design and planning experiences range widely from commercial spaces such as restaurants & bars,
retails and hotels and also architectural spaces such as high-rise office buildings, mixed-use shopping centers, factory and residences.
Not just the beauty of light but he is aware of how the light influences people and how people feel. Light as a vehicle,
he seeks to create a better moment for people that would influence to one’s emotion and comfortableness.

  • 2003-2007
    He started his career as an in-house designer at DAIKO Electric Co. He worked mostly with interior designers and have designed more than 1000 commercial spaces, learned that lighting design determines atmosphere of space.
  • 2008-2009
    While he participated as internship in New York lighting design office, Cline Betteridge Bernstein Lighting Design, he started to involve in architectural lighting such as historical facade, hospital, office building and hotel. Also, he has experienced 3-dimentional luminance calculation and energy compliance such as ASHRAE and LEED.
  • 2009-2014
    After a year of experience in New York, he joined LIGHTDESIGN INC. in Tokyo. With various experiences with both commercial and architectural, domestic and international, he worked as chief designer and was mostly in charge of international projects such as 500,000sqm class mixed-use office&retail, residential condominium, hotel and bar, showroom, office building and landscape. He was seeking to transmit emotional Japanese lighting design concept to whole world.


  • Miki Takamura
    Senior Lighting Designer

    born in Nara, Japan

  • Yoshihiro Kanamori
    Senior Lighting Designer

    born in Fukui, Japan

  • Lisa Jiang Mengxue
    Oversea Senior Lighting Designer

    born in Nanjing, China

  • Fai Jitlekha
    Lighting Designer

    born in Bangkok, Thailand

  • Haruna Ito
    Lighting Designer

    born in Hokkaido, Japan

Lightmoment Inc. | 株式会社ライトモーメント