What does Lightmoment do?


Light is not an element just to achieve functional brightness but represents time sequence,
create scenery and influence on human feelings.
Stimulating light, memorable light, comfortable light…
Light as a vehicle, seeking to create a better moment for people that would appeal to one’s emotion and comfortableness.
Lightmoment manages light politely and respectfully, providing best atmosphere at certain time, place and people.

Lightmoment Inc. is a firm who design and propose light itself how to exist in architectural and/or interior spaces.
We design how light exists in space while determine suitable brightness, effect and atmosphere.
The method of light varies how people feel which we analyze the space of use who, when, where and what to create best lighting environment.
How do people feel in the hall, how to show the merchandize and sell, how to tell impression of company and how do people want to communicate in this bar…
We cooperate with designers and clients in the same glance but not just that, lighting designer should have customer view-point and think of how people would like to spend in space, seeking to build relation among place, thing and people.

Who is Lightmoment?



He was born in 1980, Kanagawa Japan,
grew up in Hawaii and loves New York.

He eamed bachelors degree from Tokai University in the field of Architectural engineering.

His scope of design and planning experiences range widely from commercial spaces such as restaurants & bars, retails and hotels and also architectural spaces such as high-rise office buildings, mixed-use shopping centers, factory and residences.

Not just the beauty of light but he is aware of how the light influences people and how people feel. Light as a vehicle, he seeks to create a better moment for people that would influence to one’s emotion and comfortableness.

He started his career as an in-house designer at DAIKO Electric Co. He worked mostly with interior designers and have designed more than 1000 commercial spaces, learned that lighting design determines atmosphere of space.
While he participated as internship in New York lighting design office, Cline Betteridge Bernstein Lighting Design, he started to involve in architectural lighting such as historical facade, hospital, office building and hotel. Also, he has experienced 3-dimentional luminance calculation and energy compliance such as ASHRAE and LEED.
After a year of experience in New York, he joined LIGHTDESIGN INC. in Tokyo. With various experiences with both commercial and architectural, domestic and international, he worked as chief designer and was mostly in charge of international projects such as 500,000sqm class mixed-use office&retail, residential condominium, hotel and bar, showroom, office building and landscape. He was seeking to transmit emotional Japanese lighting design concept to whole world.

How does Lightmoment design?
Basically, process of our design proceed along architect's or interior designer's work phases.
There are many types of space purposes but most of the cases we are following the process written below politely and respectfully.
We will be able to participate from any phases, ideally from beginning.

Design Phase

1. Schematic Design Phase

Starting from hearing project summary and business plan, design intent and thought.
Sketching brush up our ideas and proceeding to photo rendering or scaled mock-up,
also search for similar lighting image pictures to propose and transmit our concept and direction.
Having discussion with client and/or designers help to share lighting images.

2. Design Development Phase

After sharing images, we start to verify lighting method from various perspectives, figuring out the best fixture layout and lighting fixture.
Seeking for ideal effect, we may propose material spec and/or color also.

3. Construction Document Phase

More detailed design process to be held from previous phase.
Fixture mountings and architectural details need to be discussed and proposed.
Sometimes full scale model experiment help us to decide best effect.
Minute discussion with designer and contractor will help to remove fear factor.

Construction Management

1. Site Direction

Transmitting achievement of Design Phase work to site.
Our thought and intent need to be recognized at site also.
Further discussion will be held between us and contractor, solving each problem step by step.

2. Site Coordination

Revisions and confirming process at site.
Construction drawing, submittal comments for fixtures and architectural detail drawing confirmation will be made in this phase.
Unexpected issues will also need to be solved here.

3. Site Focusing

Right before completion, we will coordinate adjustment of fixture and brightness focusing.
Aiming fixture angles and location, and/or dimming adjustment and scene setting to be managed along client's operation.
Cooperating with contractor and electrician, focusing need to be coordinated precisely until at last moment.
Why should I choose Lightmoment?

Wide range project experience

Architectural space such as high-rise office building, factory, condominium, landscape and hall and commercial interior such as restaurant, boutique, hotel, department store and also residences.

International Activity

Communicating with global designers and clients, able to provide presentation and site supervising both domestic and international.


Knowledge of world standard energy compliance such as LEED and ASHRAE.

When should I call/offer Lightmoment?

As Soon As Possible!!!

Basically, we are able to participate in the project from any working phases.
However, it is likely for the project team, us to participate from early stages so that you will recognize better effect in our process.

Where is Lightmoment?
Kobayashi Building 301, 3-38-7, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
TEL: 03-6435-5492